A Visit from Chitra

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Chitra’s assembley was fantastic! We know that this year is the year of the ROOSTER, that Chitra lived in Singapore and that she has brought in a selection of books about China so we can share them when she visits our class.

Chitra read a wonderful Chinese story to the whole school called The Race for the Chinese Zodiac! Thank You.

I wonder what Chinese Zodiac sign I am?

Today our patron of reading visited our classroom. Shanay and Josh went out of their way to choose a lovely book about China. Here are some of the things we learned:

Did you know : bamboo is used as a means to cook via steaming; flats are extremely tall, in China people are restricted to having only  one child; temperatures can range from -45 to 45 degrees Celsius; bullet trains are used and the authorities have to stop too many cars from entering cities due to high pollution; rice is eaten a lot in the South due to its warm sunshine and perfect growing conditions; Chitra prefers rice to burgers as a comfort food because of how she grew up; they have more bicycles than cars; not much vegetarian food is offered as a lot of it is covered in fish sauce.

We also discovered that the Chinese Zodiac signs of the children’s birth year are:

2006 children were dogs.

2007 children were pigs.

Mr Burroughs was a dragon and Mr Bradford was a rooster.

8 thoughts on “A Visit from Chitra

  1. I loved Chitra coming to our school and sharing some wonderful book for example there was one book about the animal race that took place in China and the other book was a book with some interesting facts if there was a slip of paper that said rate from 1 to 10 how much did you enjoy Chitra coming to our school and classes I would say 10/10 I loved chitra coming to our school that much


  2. i agree with everyone, I enjoyed all of it, everyone participated in the event. I think Chitra is going home happy so just a thank you to everyone for being polite and helpful, I hope Chitra Sounder comes again to our school. Lets hope for the best.


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